Media Relations &
Crisis Communications

Our team works with each client to develop and train internal leadership and subject matter experts in preparation for media outreach. Reporters and producers routinely tell us how pleased they are with how our clients present and deliver credible and relevant information.
While most PR firms spend a lot of time creating news releases and making a big production out of the distribution, we rely heavily on our ability to develop multiple creative story angles appropriate for a wide range of media – including traditional print, broadcast and online/social media.


We practice a very strategic approach to media relations outreach. As trained journalists ourselves, we take the time necessary to develop a story, validate it, and communicate with media contacts in a professional way. The results speak for themselves: millions of earned impressions a wide variety of clients.


Similarly, our strategic approach helps organizations prepare and respond to crises affecting their operations as well as reputation. We believe that safeguarding a company’s reputation and its bottom line requires crisis-related public relations strategies to include media relations, social and online outlets, issues advertising, community outreach and third-party collaborations. We can help with preparation, training, in-the-midst support and reestablishing trust after the storm.


Our team has worked on a wide variety of crisis-related initiatives and scenarios, including issues impacting the environment, healthcare, business bankruptcy, labor and workforce, franchise disputes, complex legal actions, and many public affairs and voter campaigns.