Delivering a well-timed, well-crafted message can alter perceptions, transform behaviors and inspire change. That is the heart of what we do. We work in all facets of integrated communications – media relations, digital and social media, custom publications, content development, event planning, messaging and storytelling, and more – for clients small and large, local and global, in industries from travel and tourism, to higher education and health care.

We would value the opportunity to discuss how our capabilities can help your organization meet its business goals.

Receive insights and shine a spotlight on innovation or good ideas we like to share.

Earned media coverage. These three words make up the core of public relations. Nearly every member of the CGPR team has professional experience in journalism, which means we are uniquely suited to interact with our peers in the media and earn their interest in our clients.

CGPR creates measurable, award-winning social media strategies for our clients. This is vital in today’s world where technology has created a global community where people can conduct business without ever meeting – or even being on the same continent. Effective application of social media can re-establish our collective ability to build relationships with essential audiences.

Annual reports, bylined articles and media relations campaigns have one thing in common: Storytelling. Taken together, these pieces tell client stories and position executives as influential leaders in their respective industries.

Nothing connects an organization with its essential audiences like a unique special event. Our team can help plan, coordinate and execute events of any size, anywhere in the country … from product launches to grand openings and major festivals.

When an executive agrees to an interview, steps in front of a microphone or leads a sales meeting … do you hold your breath? Does the audience sit back bored, or are they on the edge of their seat, interested in what they are hearing? Transform the way executives and employees represent your organization with training to support essential messaging and dynamic storytelling.