Media Relations

Earned media coverage. These three words make up the core of public relations. Nearly every member of the CGPR team has professional experience in journalism, which means we are uniquely suited to interact with our peers in the media and earn their interest in our clients. We take a strategic approach to media relations outreach. We develop and validate story ideas and effectively engage media contacts to earn their interest. The results speak for themselves: many millions of earned impressions for a wide variety of clients.

Similarly, we take a proactive, strategic approach to prepare organizations for an operations or reputation crisis. We develop communications plans that include media relations, social and online communication, issues advertising, community outreach and third-party collaboration. As a crisis communications firm, our team offers crisis preparation, media training, in-the-midst support and reestablishing trust with essential stakeholders after the storm.

Consistently named one of the region’s best PR companies, our experience includes assisting clients in a variety of crisis scenarios, including environmental threats, municipal issues, health care, bankruptcy, labor and workforce, franchise disputes, complex legal actions, as well as multiple public affairs and voter campaigns.