Get Smart About Charging Stations

When we think of technology that makes our lives easier, we typically think of smart TVs and refrigerators, or iPads synced with the home alarm system. But problems that come with our device-dominated lives continue to persist. Today’s electrical outlets definitely do not make our tech-driven lives easier, especially when outlets are taken or when they are accompanied by a jumbled heap of messy cords. (We at CGPR can attest!)

But what if the standard electrical outlet was redesigned to adapt to our devices’ battery-life needs? Enter RABBITcharger. Now you can say adios to jumbled plug messes and “where’s my charger?” dilemmas once and for all. Invented by St. Louisan Patrick Barnidge, RABBITcharger…

  • Is affixed to an outlet, so the charger can’t “wander off” (or be stolen by a needy son!)
  • Has a retractable cord, so there are no tangled cables.
  • Comes with interchangeable tips for your Droid, iPad and iPhone 6 – any micro USB or lightening compatible device.
  • Has a split end with two charging tips, accommodating multiple devices at the same time.
  • Incorporates soft LED lighting around the charger to confirm your device is charging.

RABBITcharger launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday, May 17 and is seeking support for its first round of manufacturing by pre-selling RABBITchargers. Those who pledge a donation via Kickstarter will receive a significant savings off of the projected retail price.

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