Learning Opportunities to Keep Your Public Relations Skills Sharp

As working professionals in any industry, continuing education is key to job security, career advancement and client success. In PR, it’s no different. In fact, the evolution of the media landscape and social media platforms, and the integration of marketing and public relations, are all the more reason to seek opportunities to learn the latest methods, refresh your skills and gain a competitive edge over peers.

Here are a few ways to confirm your commitment to best practices and standards in public relations:

Professional Development

The PRSA website (prsa.org) houses a wealth of educational resources and information, from successful case studies to best practices articles written by industry peers. Beyond that, members and non-members can take advantage of a number of workshops, conferences and on-demand webinars that address topics ranging from how to generate competitive marketing and communications ideas to how to influence audiences. PRSA also publishes Tactics and The Strategist, allowing professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, best practices and tips. 

Continuing Education

Earn a master’s degree in a certain area that complements your current experience. For example, the University of Illinois just launched a new online master’s degree in strategic brand communication. The degree is a joint program between the Department of Business Administration in the College of Business and the Department of Advertising in the College of Media and allows students to gain deeper knowledge of how to strategically lead global brand communications across advertising, media and marketing channels to drive revenue growth.

If you have already received your APR, you can earn advanced standing credit toward Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication. This program addresses complex communication challenges by incorporating the case method and research into the latest communication trends.


The Accreditation in Public Relations is a valuable learning process designed to help public relations professionals develop a solid foundation of recognized standards for effective public relations practice. By going through the process to become certified, you gain further understanding of knowledge, skills and abilities required to better serve as a strategic counselor and help your organization or clients achieve effective communication goals.

This post originally appeared on the PRSA St. Louis blog

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