A few old PR adages and why they are still relevant

Is PR for you? A few old (yet still applicable) sayings about communicators just may tell you if so.

Are you a people person?

This phrase has made many a recruiter cringe because being successful in public relations is much more than glad-handing and liking people. With that said, I always thought it meant something entirely different. Being intrigued by what motivates people, or excites them, or infuriates them…and helping build communications campaigns that honor and address those emotions is precisely what public relations should be about. So if you’re that kind of people person, PR might be for you.

Jack of All Trades & Master of None

Well sort of! Good communicators must master the nuances of storytelling, client counseling, media process and ethics – absolutely. Beyond that, your life in a busy agency takes you into many areas of business. Consumer packaged goods, retail, health care, education and high finance are all constellations in the universe of topics that lucky public relations pros get to learn and work in. Our worth comes in sharing our mastery of communications with clients’ intimate knowledge of their business and industry.

Read the Newspaper!

Consuming media, now in its many clickable forms, will always be essential to this profession. Staying current is not only important, it is likely a symptom of being a true communicator. If you are one, you likely can’t help yourself because it’s cellular to be reading something, pretty much all the time.

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